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Installation / Product Information / Purchasing Information


+How do I remove my OEM light?

Removing your original OEM light is quick and simple.  Gently, but firmly, lever our the existing OEM light (please refer to the video on the Home Page of this site) and unplug the connector.

+How do I connect the ProVan light?

Each ProVan model of light has a push on connector that fits specifically into the on-board light connector in the van.  For example, the ProVan 100 light will only have a connector compatible with the van models stated.  It will not fit other van models, so please check in advance using our vehicle make chart.

+How is the light fixed in place?

Simply pop out your original light and unplug.  Plug in the connector on your new ProVan light into the existing van connector, then firmly press your new ProVan in to the existing aperture.  No need for any drilling or screwing.

+As the ProVan light is brighter, will it use more battery power than my existing light?

Due to it’s advanced electronics and industry leading CREE LEDs, the ProVan light actually uses around 50% less power than the original OEM light.

+Do I need to get an electrician to change my light?

No.  Your ProVan light is simple and safe to install by yourself, though we recommend that, as with all electrical products, the appropriate safety precautions are taken.

+Will the switching be exactly the same as my existing light?

Yes.  The ProVan light that is compatible with your original OEM light will have the same switching mechanism.

+Can I fit extra ProVan lights in my van in addition to replacing the original one?

Each van is fitted with a set number of connectors wired into to the vehicle loom and therefore this is the maximum number of lights that can be directly installed. If, after fitting your ProVan light(s), you are still considering further lighting, please contact [email protected]

Product Information

+What is the LED light colour of the ProVan light?

All lights in the ProVan range emit bright, white light.

+Where are they made?

The ProVan range of lights are manufactured in Essex, by Labcraft.

+How long will they last?

ProVan lights come with a 10 year warranty.

+What do I do if I have a problem?

Please refer to the instructions on our Returns page.

+Can I mix & match the lights?

No, you cannot mix and match the lights.  Each ProVan model is designed to work with a specific van electrical system.

+What is a lumen?

Lumen is the unit of measurement for the light emitted from the source of a product, in this case an LED.  Lumens can be a useful measure of anticipated light intensity.

+The light doesn’t come on.

Check the ProVan connector has clicked in to the van connector properly and that the van battery is not flat.  If the light still doesn’t come on, please contact [email protected]

Purchasing Information

+I’ve broken my ProVan light and would like to know where I can get another one.

ProVan lights can be purchased directly via this website.  If you need advice please contact [email protected]

+I’m a dealer – can I stock ProVan products?

For all enquiries please contact [email protected]